Term of Use and Disclaimer

My friend just told me to add this page and later I knew this is for my blog safety. Well, I am posting because I love writing. That's it :) Sooo, here we go:


  1. You are totally free to read my blog. Kekeke.
  2. I try to post a unique article because I do not want Google thinks my blog is a spam blog. You know Google does not tolerate any plagiarism things. So, it needs efforts to make a unique post. 
  3. I will really appreciate if you appreciate my works by giving a live link to as the reference when you rewrite or reproduce my post. But of course, you will take full responsibility for what you write. 


  1. The images copyright is on the owners. I just find it in Google image search engine results or somewhere which I will include the sources.
  2. If you do not like I use your image, please contact me and I will delete it immediately.
  3. Other images that posted by readers, it will be readers responsibility for any risks. Because I cannot check it one by one.

I know that every mom is a good mom, right? Because they teach their children to have a good mannered. So I think you will give good comments on my blogs. Well, if it libelous, abusive, defamatory, obscene, sexually explicit, threatening, offensive, or harassing, I will delete it for sure. Kekeke. Just trying to be a good mom :D

Ah, and the last but not least. I am not an English native. So, please forgive for my bad grammar. But I'll do my best there won't be any grammatical error.

Any ideas to write here? Please comment.

Thank you.
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